A better way to hydrate

The Tap Bottle Filler provides filtered, great-tasting water at an affordable price!

Tap Bottle Filler

Its sleek design is hands-free, easy to use and reduces single-use plastic bottles from the environment.

Filter Notifcation Light

The LED light switches from green to red when the filter needs to be changed.

Filter Notification Light Icon

Hands-Free Sensor

The touchless, sensor activated bottle filler is designed for easy use.

Hands-Free Sensor Icon

UV Water Treatment

UV water treatment helps ensure clean and safe drinking water.

UV Water Treatment Icon

Plastic Bottles Saved

The counter informs user how many 20 oz plastic bottles have been saved.

Plastic Bottles Saved Icons

No Splashing

Conveniently designed with a drain to reduce standing water and mess.

No Splashing Icon

Activated Carbon Filter

The filter is used to block contaminants and ensure great tasting water.

Activated Carbon Filter Icon

The tap water bottle filler is hands-free and mouth-free which reduces the transmission of germs!

Drinking fountains have a problem

Germ Central

Our solution



Tap Saves Over One Million Plastic Bottles in Schools

Thursday, July 9, 2020
Tap announced today the water bottle filling stations donated one year ago have saved over one million single-use plastic bottles.

Tap Launches New Platform to Help Schools Fund Water Bottle Filling Stations

Thursday, July 9, 2020
Tap recently unveiled a co-funding platform that enables schools to easily raise funding to acquire filtered water bottle filling stations.

Tap Donates Water Bottle Filling Stations to High Schools throughout the South East

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Tap announced today the donation of Elkay water bottle filling stations to high schools in Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina as part of the Making Water COOL in School initiative.

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