Homeowners using both city water and well water need to be very cognizant of the quality of your drinking water. Each source of water provides its own potential threats to both health and well-being of your family.

Many homeowners using city water have traditionally trusted in their local utilities to treat and monitor your water and make sure that it is safe to drink. Although these utilities regularly test their drinking water, the water may be contaminated from the source, wasn’t treated properly or picked up contaminants in the service lines, plumbing, solder and fixtures within your home.

Tap Water Watch is committed to working with homeowners to ensure safe drinking water for your family.

How it works

Tap Water Testing Register


To give you an accurate cost estimate, you need to first count the total number of fountains and sinks in your facility. Once you identify your water sources, register your business for testing and receive a FREE risk assessment.


Water Testing

Upon acceptance of the cost estimate, we will work with you to schedule water testing of your facilities. Your samples will be analyzed in a NELAP certified laboratory and you will be emailed results upon completion.



If your test results show elevated levels, one of our water professionals will work with you to determine the appropriate solution to ensure your drinking water is safe for your customers and employees.

About us:

Tap Water Watch brings peace of mind back to the Tap. We are the only nationwide team of water professionals that focuses on detecting lead in drinking water, enabling customers to visualize their data and remediate any issues. Water samples are analyzed in a state and/or NELAC certified water testing laboratory. Tap Water Watch works hand-in-hand with utilities, schools and homeowners to ensure safe, lead-free drinking water.