The most common reasons for school administrators to avoid lead in water testing is the fear of the unknown.

The 2 most commonly sited reasons are:

  1. Fear that Lead is discovered
  2. Fear of high costs of remediation

These fears are legitimate and understandable. Many schools face limited budgets and need to be wise and make due with the funding that is available to them.

However, when you compare these 2 reasons with the downsides of NOT testing, they seem quite trivial.

These downsides include:

  1. Lead is having mental and physical impacts on your student’s health
  2. Refusing to test opens yourself up to a tarnished reputation within the community
  3. Lead in drinking water is a hot button topic in the media and is heavily reported in the media.

School administrators are FAR better off testing for lead, identifying any problems and fixing them. In this scenario, even if lead is discovered and remediated the school is deemed a hero by parents, faculty, the community and the media.

By ignoring the need to test, school administrators put themselves in an unnecessarily difficult situation.

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