Tap Water Watch is the largest provider of lead in water testing solutions for industrial, commercial and residential customers nationwide. Due to the large quantity of tests we process, we can provide full-service testing and home testing kits at a discounted rate. The Home Inspector Lead in Water Test Kit is the perfect solution for home inspectors that currently or are interested in testing homes drinking water for lead.

The Need:

The United States has roughly 10 million lead service lines that transport drinking water from water mains to homes scattered throughout the entire country. These service lines coupled with plumbing, fixtures and solder leach lead into millions of home’s drinking water throughout the country every day.

  • Lead causes major learning (decreased IQ) and behavioral problems in children
  • Heart disease in adults
  • Pregnant women are at increased risk

The Solution:

  • The only way to know if a home’s drinking water contains lead is to test it.
    • Laboratory Analysis (time consuming & costly)
    • Lead in Water Test Strips (quick & inexpensive)

*Due to the time and cost associated with laboratory testing, we believe test strips is the best option for home inspections. We can provide these testing strips to you in bulk at a discounted rate.

Home Risk:

Homes Built Before 1986 Homes Built Between 1986-2014 Homes Built After 2014
High Risk – Test for Lead Medium Risk – Test for Lead Low Risk – Do not Test

Benefits to your Customers:

  • Peace-of-mind knowing that their water is lead-free and safe to drink (Free Monitoring thru App)

Benefits for your Company:

  • Added service for your customers
  • Additional revenue for your company

How it Works:

  1. Purchase a test kit at here
  2. Enter Promo Code to Receive Discount (If you have one)
  3. You provide your customers with information on lead in drinking water and the importance to test.
  4. Administer the test during your inspection.

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