California recently passed Bill AB 746 that mandates all K-12 schools test for lead in drinking Water. It was a great idea. However, this Bill doesn’t fully address the problem and actually serves to cover it up.

The Problem: The Bill mandates that local public water systems are required to test up to 5 water sources (drinking fountains, sinks) in each school. Sounds great, right?

The problem is that lead in drinking water is not the same throughout an entire city, neighborhood, school or even classroom. Lead in picked up in plumbing and fixtures and is highly variable between each water source.

The fact that the law only requires testing 5 water sources gives schools, parents and students a false sense of security and peace of mind with the current state of each school’s water.

Why not address the situation properly and require testing of all water sources?

To me, it seems that this solution is not a solution at all and in fact further perpetuates the problem.

The Solution: Amend this Bill and require ALL public and private schools including daycares to test ALL water sources for lead in drinking water and properly identify and remediate any problems.

A false sense of security is no security at all.

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