Question 1: We use City Water. Do we still need to test our school?

Yes, you should. Lead gets into drinking water after it leaves the city water treatment plant from the lead service lines, solder, plumbing and fixtures.

Question 2: Do we need to test every water source in the school?

You should prioritize all water sources (sinks, fountains) that are used for drinking/cooking and washing food. If you can, you should test every water source in the school.

Question 3: Our water seems fine. We have never had complaints of dirty water. Is this something that can be put off?

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot see, taste or smell lead in drinking water.

Question 4: We are starting to get pressure from concerned parents and it looks like the state may require testing soon. Should we wait to test?

This is up to you. When schools are mandated to test  by legislation or pressured to test by the community or parents – you will most likely be required to publish all of your results. Most schools choose to proactively test their water sources before required testing to remediate any problem sources.

Question 5: As community concerns build, how can I gain certainty of the lead levels of the water sources in my school?

The only way to be certain of the lead levels in your school’s water sources is to have them tested by a NELAC certified laboratory.

Question 6: What is the difference between using Tap Water Watch and a local laboratory?

Tap Water Watch is the Leader in School Water Testing for Lead. We work with school districts of all sizes throughout the entire United States.

The difference is that local labs do not specialize in lead water testing for schools. It is simply a service they provide. Most will just send you a box of empty water bottles and expect your staff to fill them properly and complete the chains of custody. Both of which can result in mistakes and incorrect results.

Tap Water Watch specializes in lead in water testing for schools and offers a Full Service Solution including:

  • Water Sample Pickup by a Trained Water Sampler
  • Certified Analysis by a State/NELAC Certified Laboratory
  • Quick Emailed Results and Explanatory Report
  • Elevated Water Source Remediation Recommendations
  • Continued Monitoring of Elevated Lead in Water Results in your Community

Question 7: How do I register my School District?

Go to:

Question 8: If I register, am I obligated to test?

No, we will simply provide you with a price estimate for testing and a roadmap to move forward.

Question 9: If we find a problem, will you help us with the solution?

Yes, Tap Water Watch is a reliable partner and will help you determine any problem water sources and offer a range of solutions to remediate any issues.

Question 10: When can we test?

We only test for lead in water outside of normal school hours. If it’s during the school year, we typically test on Saturdays. During vacations, we can test during off days.

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