Founder & President

Scott is passionate about all things water including integration of new technologies into the water industry. He currently holds several patents regarding identifying and monitoring contaminants in drinking water.

Lauren Gambill M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Gambill is passionate about all things children’s health. As a Pediatrician, she treats children and is also an advocate of public policy that reduces environmental health risks before they can impact children.

Heather Miklos

Sampling Coordinator

Heather is passionate about using her education in Environmental Studies to identify environmental dangers and protect people from their impacts.

About us:

Tap Water Watch brings peace of mind back to the Tap. We are the only nationwide team of water professionals that focuses on detecting lead in drinking water, enabling customers to visualize their data and remediate any issues. Water samples are analyzed in a state and/or NELAC certified water testing laboratory. Tap Water Watch works hand-in-hand with utilities, schools and homeowners to ensure safe, lead-free drinking water.

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