With mounting lead and copper sampling, mapping and notification requirements and limited guidance, managing everything in-house is no easy task. By bringing together dedicated water professionals, top GIS specialists and a cutting-edge platform we provide water systems with a cost effective solution that meets all Lead and Copper Rule requirements.

Tap Water Watch provides a full-service Lead and Copper Management Solution enabling your Utility to easily plan, sample and visualize your data.

Why Outsource Water Sampling

Since the Flint Water Crises, Public Water Systems (PWS) have been put under the media spotlight resulting in additional regulatory oversight, scrutiny with limited personnel. Tap Water Watch enables water systems to perform all sampling efforts using our proven sampling system and trained staff to perform LCR water sampling seamlessly. We work with PWS’s to ensure all EPA regulations are followed leaving you with ironclad results and zero concern for compliance related issues.

Visualizing your Data

As additional Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) requirements are put into place, PWSs are already being mandated to show their LCR water sample data and lead service line data using GIS mapping technologies. To alleviate this burden, Tap Water Watch has developed the way for PWSs to easily map out their LCR water sample results and lead service line data in an easy to use online platform. The Tap Water Watch platform makes it easy for PWSs to manage all of your LCR data in one place.


Tap Water Testing Register


  • Water Testing Plan Creation
  • Pre and Post-test Customer Communications


  • Mail out all Sampling Materials Including:
    • Sampling Instructions
    • Water Sample Bottles
    • Chains of Custody
    • Pre-paid mailing sticker
  • Email, Phone & Online Customer Service
  • EPA Certified Lab Testing
  • Results Delivery

Data Visualization

LCR Sample Results
We will download all of your LCR sample results into our online platform and show them on your map.

Lead Service Lines
Select ideal datasets to identify lead service lines within your service area and present them on your map.

About us:

Tap Water Watch brings peace of mind back to the Tap. We are the only nationwide team of water professionals that focuses on detecting lead in drinking water, enabling customers to visualize their data and remediate any issues. Water samples are analyzed in a state and/or NELAC certified water testing laboratory. Tap Water Watch works hand-in-hand with utilities, schools and homeowners to ensure safe, lead-free drinking water.